SecuraKey Access

Manufacturers of very reliable and cost effective 2 door access control panels, keypads and card readers all manufactured in  California, USA.

The Secura Key SKACP system offers user friendly Windows software allowing Video Badging, and Video Intergration. The standard SKACP can support 200 doors and a user data base of 65,000. The SKACP can be configured with a standard bit format, or customize your own, up to 50 bits through the SK-NET software.            

SK-NET software is available in a single user, dial up modem, or multi location TCP/IP configuration. The MLD version software can be configured to operate multi locations, using multi connection methods, simultaniously.

Secura Key offers a suitable card reader, or keypad, for any application. With read ranges from 2″ to 24 “, all Secura Key readers and keypads will perform along with any reader manufactured today. Also offered is their new E*Tag readers, as well as Biometric palm and fingerprint designs.

Cards, keychain fobs, or wafer discs are avaiable to suit any user needs and can be mixed and matched for any application.

We, at Atlanta Access Controls, have hundreds of  happy customers with these systems throughout the Southeastern US. From single doors to muiltiple door multiple location applications.

For additional information regarding Secura Key products, or for a free system estimate on your facility, please contact us at or call us at 770-954-1188.