Door King Phone Entry

                                                                                   The  Door King 1812 curve top, single user residential phone controller, ( Shown Left ) is a reliable phone entry system that connects directly to a residential phone line. The caller simply presses the call button which calls the residence phone. The resident answers and can speak with the guest allowing access from the resident phone with the press of a button on the phone set keypad. The caller can have a hands free conversation with the reident once the call button has been pressed. The 1812 can be programmed with a code for easy entrance without placing a call.

The Door King 1802 system ( Shown Center ) is a small to medium, stand alone unit, used primarily at entrances to warehouses and other facilities requiring controlled access. The unit becomes a hands free unit once the caller has followed the instructions identified on the door facing.The 1802 connects directly into an existing phone line with ease. A user code can be programmed into the unit to allow access without initiating a call.

The Door King 1835 (Shown Right ) is a PC base system allowing the programming to be done via a computer. Th