IEI Keypads


IEI (International Electronics) offers excellent quality, very durable and cost effective keypads for most any application.

From stand alone indoor keypads, to PC based outdoor rugged-vandal resistant keypads, IEI can meet or exceed the demands needed for todays access control requirements.

Available in several styles, and various finishes, IEI keypads can match most any decor. For some of the nicest appearances required for your office invironment, IEI is the keypad of todays security professionals.

All IEI stand alone keypads are multi user, from 120 individual users to 230 users. Each user having it’s own uniqe 2-6 digit code. All user codes are programmed at the keypad without the need for any additional tools or equipment.

All PC Based keypads are 26 Bit formated and are adaptable to most any access control system capable of 26 bits.

For more information an the full line of access control keypads by IEI, please give us a call at 770-954-1188. Or visit IEI at