Hid Card Readers

 HID manufactures some of the highest quality card readers, cards and keypads in the industry.

From the Prox Point to the Maxiprox, HID readers will perform flawlessly in all applications both indoor and outdoor. With excellent read ranges from 2″ to 24 “, HID readers are used world wide and are considered by many to be the world leader in reader technology.

With the new I-Class readers and cards, HID can meet, or exceed, any demand called upon for access control of any facility.

HID offers user cards in several styles including multiple technology cards. Also offerd is the HU1346L Keychain Fob or the HU1391L Promity Wafer Disc.

For more information on the HID line, contact us at 770-954-1188 or direct to HID at www.hid.com.