Door King Operators

Door King manufactures some of the most reliable gate operators in use today. The 1601 parking gate operator (Shown Left ) can secure a roadway up to 14′ wide by using the 14′ arm assembly. This unit is reversable for left or right hand entrance ways and will accept Door King loop detectors with the acceptable plug located on the control board. A DC Power Pack is available, as an add on, to enable the gate operator to open automaticly when the main power fails.

The 9150 slide gate operator (Shown Center ) is designed for residential and light commercial use. As with all Door King operators, the 9150 will accept the Door King loop detectors by simply plugging them in. This unit can be connected to the 1601 parking gate arm, for additional traffic control, through the use of the Sam’s relay built in to each unit.

The 9210 slide gate operator ( Shown Right ) is designed for commercial , industrial, heavy duty applications. This operator can be set for partial openings and as wih the other models will accept the Door King loop detectors. This unit can be connected to the 1601 parking gate arm, for additional traffic control, by the use of a Sam’s relay built in to each unit.

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