Awid Card Readers



AWID manufactures some of the industries leading card readers, cards and keypads in use today. 

From the SP2400’s 4″-5″ read range to the MR1824’s 18″-24″ range, these readers will perform to the highest industry standards demanded by security professionals today. 

AWID also manufactures long range readers, such as the LR2000, for vehicles and asset tracking. These readers provide a sucessfull read range of  up to 20′ using the WT, MT or HT series tags. Hands free operation can be occomodated by appling the WT tag to a windshield, attaching the MT directly to a surface, or hanging the HT tag on an object.  

AWID also provides CS cards, KT keychain fobs and PW proximity wafer discs on bit formats from standard 26 bit to 40 bits including AWID high security custom formats.

For more information on any AWID product, contact us at 770-954-1188, or AWID direct at